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Tennis Esports presents TechZone, a revolutionary AI tennis training tool for beginner and recreational players and gamers. TechZone utilizes advanced technology to offer a comprehensive self-training experience using Artificial Intelligence Swing Analysis.

TechZone has been collaboratively developed with universities and leading tennis coaches, to deliver precise, detailed feedback specifically on your forehand topspin

Add a new game mode to your existing Tennis Esports Application and enhance your training experience for the real and virtual court today!

Swing Phases

Automated detection of all vital swing phases, including ready position, backswing, forward swing, contact point, and follow-through

Motion Analysis

Integrating coaches' expertise, the system evaluates your movements against over 40 coaching rules
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Multimodal Feedback

After every stroke, receive detailed audio and text feedback

Improvement Metrics

TechZone remembers your previous strokes and tracks how you have improved!
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Interactive Replay

See every replay of your swings, and with the interactive interface, have the chance to select and explore every point of feedback in depth

Virtual Training Advantage

Experience top-tier training at home, office or school compatible with handles or controllers
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Track you progress

Your player profile contains a card with TechZone data providing daily and monthly trends for your session results.

Improve your skills

Data is collected for all available stroke types and exercise difficulty level so that you can monitor and improve your tennis technique
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