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JUNE 08, 2024. 17:00 CET

Tennis Esports is pairing up with Challengermode to bring you the Tennis Esports Challenger Cup on June 8th. With €1000 On the line, jump onto the court and prove you've got what it takes to challenge the best virtual tennis players around the globe and win! Play with real tennis swings, and immerse yourself in the ultimate world of virtual sports from virtually anywhere.


Anyone can sign up to play, as long as you're on a VR headset compatible with Tennis Esports, and own a copy of the game. The tournament is available to all players across the world.

Tournament format

There is a limited number of slots available to sign up for the tournament, so we recommend doing so as soon as possible if you want to play! You can sign up at any time, up to an hour before the tournament starts. At this point, a confirmation period will begin, where everyone who signed up, will need to “check in” to confirm that they are ready to play. If you miss the check-in period, you will not be able to play in the tournament, and your slot may be given to someone else who is ready to play.

This tournament will be in a single elimination playoff bracket, which means after just one loss, you’re knocked out. The further you get in the tournament, the larger portion of the prize pool will be yours!

How to play

Once the tournament has started, you’ll receive a notification on Challengermode, telling you that your match is ready. You can find out who you're playing against first on the Challengermode page or “lobby” for that match. You can talk to them in the “chat” tab of your match page on Challengermode.

Once you’ve reached out to the other player, one of you will create a custom game in Tennis Esports for the other to join, with the following settings:

- Single Set no-add

- Hard Court Surface

- 20°c Temperature

- Altitude 1000m

If you’re the one creating the custom game, it is your responsibility to ensure that these settings are correct, if they are not, the other player could be awarded a default win.

After your game has ended completely, go back to your match page on Challengermode, and you'll be prompted to report the score. Both players, regardless of the result, should input the score, to verify the result. If both players input the correct scores, the results will be automatically accepted after a short period. If players disagree on the score, this is considered a dispute, and you must contact one of the tournament admins via Discord.

We recommend that you take a screenshot of the results in-game as the match is ending, to use as evidence in case of a dispute. In the case that neither player has evidence, and there is a dispute, an admin may decide that the match needs to be re-played, where evidence from both players will be required to decide the outcome of the game.

Tennis Esports Discord Channel

There are dedicated channels here to ask for help about Challengermode, Tennis Esports, or the tournament in general.

Challengermode Space

This is the Tennis Esports digital arena on Challengermode, the Space where all official Tennis Esports tournaments on Challengermode are hosted.

Tournament Sign-up Link

You can use this link to quickly navigate to the Tennis Esports Challenger Cup tournament page.

Play with Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro